senior learning experience (lx) designer



Welcome to my professional portfolio! My name is Sarah, and I am a senior learning experience (LX) designer at Michigan State University for the Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology and the Academic Advancement Network. I specialize in digital competencies, ranging from media literacy to computational thinking. On this website, you will find my latest projects, talks, and publications. I am happy to connect with you regarding any of my current work.

I tend to do things backwards. After a PhD in literature from Purdue University, I got a Masters in education from Harvard University, and then a PhD in educational psychology & educational technology from Michigan State University. This path is what shaped the work I do today, focusing on 21st century teaching and learning. Backwards is also how I approach educational design. I help educators analyze, re-vamp, and create educational experiences starting with learners’ needs and interests in mind. My goal is to adapt teaching and learning to 21st century realities–and that often involves using media and popular culture as authentic teaching materials.

I currently work on a variety of projects involving teaching and learning on campus, and my background in educational research strongly informs my work. From individual consulting to large course re-design, I enjoy meeting new partners who share the common vision of transforming education for student success. Aside from educational design, I simply love teaching, and I’m a constructivist at heart. I’ve taught literature and educational technology courses to undergraduate students, educational research courses to Masters students, and led professional development for faculty members.



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